Leiko Napoli

She started classical piano studies at age 9 and has continued to study, perform and educate for more than 40 years. (she actually looks much younger!)
She has performed at Osaka & Okinawa Expo's, Television Shows, Concerts and Clubs throughout Japan.

She is also an accomplished educator. She is certified in Yamaha and Suzuki methods and has taught hundreds of children and adults in studio's, clinic's and her own school in Japan.

She moved to United States in 1999 to studies in Jazz piano. She attended the Brooklyn Conservatory of music where she studied Jazz Composition, Arranging and Performance.


TV Shizuoka 1974

TV Shizuoka 1974 "Morning Show"

TV Shizuoka 1975

Osaka Expo 1970 (Leiko is playing the electric organ "Electone" at center of Festival Square.)

Okinawa Expo 1975 (Leiko is playing "Electone" inside the capsule. It was connected to a rainbow colored fountain and the water height changed according to pitch. Highest was about 40 meter (133 ft.).

Suzuki Method Teachers Member

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